Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring has sprung at LP!

Spring really seems to have finally taken hold here at LP.  The blooms on the trees outside of the school and in the courtyard really show off the beauty of the season.  Inside the school, we are back from our spring vacation and re-focused on instruction.  It is our intention to make the most of every instructional minute available to us from now until the last day of school.

The next 8 weeks at LP will be very busy.  In grades 3-5, students are preparing to take the NJ ASK tests in early May.  Teachers will be working with students on specific test taking strategies to help them approach the test more strategically.   This also includes looking at the test as an additional measure of their learning this year and putting it in perspective as a "snapshot" of their learning, rather than a high pressure test.   Please take a look in your child's backpack today or tomorrow for an NJ ASK information booklet.  If you have additional questions, plan to attend our LP PAC (Parent Advisory Council) Meeting on Wednesday evening, April 30th, at 7:00 pm.  The presentation is  "Everything You Always wanted  to Know about the NJ ASK, but were Afraid to Ask." (ALL parents of students in grades 3-5 are welcome. If your child is NOT in 3rd grade yet, next year will bring a whole new assessment called the PARCC.  I suggest you WAIT to attend that next year so as not to get confused!)

Outside on the playground, there are many new games now painted on our blacktop.  Using money from our Rutgers ISCI (Rutgers Inclusive School Climate) grant, our ISCI committee worked on creating a more collaborative, peaceful playground.  There is now a walking path and many different game areas that include hopscotch, four-square, a calculator, around the world in basketball, a peace path and much more.  Students are being introduced to these new games by our 5th Grade Peer Mentors.  1st and 2nd grade students enjoyed a  "ribbon cutting" ceremony with the Peer Mentors, School Counselor, Mrs. Pauley, and Mrs. Cave this morning. 

With Spring in full bloom, our students' brains are also bursting with energy to learn, but also with pent up energy from the winter.  LP teachers make regular use of brain breaks, class trips outside, and active learning strategies, to fight off the "spring fever" that often hits this time of year.  Help us reinforce with your child the importance of continuing their focus on school these last two months!  

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